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African Jewelry
Jewelry Directory > Ethnic and Regional > African Jewelry
Africa Imports - Jewelry - Showcases a wide selection of African tribal jewelry, such as Tuareg, using native beads, woods and stones.
African Image, The - African Jewelry - Browse the various styles of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from ebony wood and malachite in African styles.
Africana Arts & Crafts - Jewelry - African shell, bead and bone jewelry is displayed here for sale. Features a variety of colors, styles and designs.
Authentic Africa - Tribal African Jewelry - Displays a wide jewelry selection, including Tuareg items, Kenyan bone necklaces, Ethiopian pieces and Chokwe pendants. - Site of one thousand traditional ethnic jewels from Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Africa.
Exquisite African Art & Craft - Handmade African Arts, African Design, African Crafts, African Gift Specialist World African Craft Store.
iOpal Pty Ltd. - Offering the finest pieces of solid Australian opal to our international clients.
Just Africa Gallery - Kazuri necklaces and earrings available through this gallery. Many necklaces come in a choice of lengths.
ModaAfrik - Collection of ethnic African jewelry, art work, masks, carvings, clothes and accessories.
Niger Bend - Jewelry - View the selection of African jewelry, including Tuareg, Djenne-Djeno, KhalKhal, Lobi and GriGri pieces.
R&R Traders - Jewelry - Authentic African collectibles and crafts from South, West and East Africa.
Reflections African Jewelry - African jewelry including cowrie shell, cow bone, masks, horn, glass and brass beads, and Mali wedding bead.


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